Portfolio school: Unit 1 showcase

"The ability to identify ones own strengths and weaknesses is a crucial part of becoming a lifelong learner that thrives and innovates. Your children recognize the environmental factors that support their ability to learn, build, and create."

Current Projects

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Bee-Ker space:

Sustainable, Open-source, & MAker/DIY solutions for saving the BEEs!

Voice Activated Robotic Helping Hand

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An accessibility device using an Arduino Nano Sense board and TensorFlow.

This is a voice activated robotic arm that can be used to help those with limited mobility. Simply talk to your new robot pal, and get building! 

BoT: Urban Bee Sanctuary

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Beekeeper with Honeycomb

A mini build meant for urban communities. 

Using traditional bee keeping methods, combined with maker tech, this is a beautiful bee friendly and sustainable bee-o-sphere.

Designed to promote green spaces in cities, and to help further save the bees in our world!

Recent partnership projects


Social Justice App Development 


App design and creation from a social justice lense.

From the research stage, and UX wireframing to programming.




Young engineers will be designing and building their very own escape room components

Emphasis on IoT, electrical engineering and mechatronics.

featured Social justice apps:

Full Project Portfolio coming soon